Hey babes!! I'm Jen, the one behind the lens at Jennifer Syl Photography, and I'm absolutely thrilled to share a bit about myself with you.

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At heart, I'm a passionate Philadelphia wedding and elopement photographer, and my love for capturing those timeless moments knows no geographical bounds. Whether you're planning a wedding in your hometown or an intimate elopement in a far-flung destination, I'm here to turn your moments into lasting memories.
Formally, I hold a bachelor's degree in Fine Art Photography and a master's in the art of having a great time. Yes, you read that right—I've mastered the art of blending professionalism with a dash of fun, ensuring that your photo sessions are not just about the perfect shot but also about an unforgettable experience.
My photography style is inspired by the extraordinary in everyday life, where unconventional elements are celebrated and turned into pure glamor. I take an editorial approach that combines a blend of sophistication and edginess to ensure your pictures feel uniquely YOU.

Yes, photography is my career but truly it’s my soulfood.

In every session, I aim to bring out your main character energy, because, let's face it, you are the star of your life story. And if you disagree, I challenge you to tell me why.
Now, I understand, I'm not the photographer for everyone, but I am the photographer for the right ones. I believe that photography is more than just clicking a camera; it's about forging a genuine connection. When you choose to work with me, our relationship extends beyond a checklist of poses. We connect, we collaborate, and we curate the experience to reflect your unique story. And let’s be real, I am still going to be your friend and biggest cheerleader long past our sessions together.
Yes, photography is my career but truly it’s my soulfood. The connections I am making with all of my clients and being able to turn their stories into timeless works of art sets my world on fire. I am thankful for every single one of you that invite me into your world and let me run through your life journey with you. 
I'm here to celebrate you and your special moments. Believe me when I say, I can't wait to be a part of your story and help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Let's embark on this photographic adventure together.

One of my core values is making every person I work with feel like the legends they were born to be. 

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some fun facts

 I have an uncanny talent of memorizing song lyrics. . . If only this was useful in college. 


I did in fact forget how to ride a bicycle. 

the fear

I am a world traveler, however, I am terrified of cruise ships. It’s planes, trains, and automobiles or bust baby. 

a CHILDHOOD memory

My first concert was Blink-182 at 9 years old, they only sold adult sized t-shirts and I now wear the same shirt to every one of their shows. To this day they’re still my favorite band, and I hope to get it signed one of these days…

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